Headshots for Companies & Groups
Headshots for Companies & Groups
No hassle headshots they'll love.
No hassle headshots they'll love.

Corporate Headshots Your Employees Will Love

  • Because we don’t treat them like 2nd graders.
  • We take the time to make each person look their best, 
  • On-site image selection means they don’t leave until they have a shot they love.


Stop wasting money on cattle-call headshots your employees won’t like.

Professional headshots Houston by Flint Photography

Employee headshots don’t have to be boring.

  • Your headshots can have a customized look and feel so they are consistent with your organization’s image and brand.
  • Our (optional) modern image format that looks great, but also shows that your organization cares about the image your employees project.



They don’t have to be difficult either.

We work hard to make the process easy for you and your employees, while reducing the amount of time it takes out of your workday.

We have lots of options to fit your situation perfectly:

  • in-studio or on-site headshots
  • multi-station setups for larger groups
  • pre-scheduled or walk-up appointments
  • on-site image selection so your employees are guaranteed to get a headshot they are proud of.


Modern headshots that aren't stuffy - Houston TX | Flint Photography

We’ll even help your employees prepare!

We’ll provide you with our exclusive “How to Prepare for Your Headshot” guide.

This electronic guide can be easily distributed to your employees and includes information to

  • help them choose the best clothing
  • offer them hair and makeup tips
  • let them know what to expect.
Group business portrait - Houston

Corporate Headshot Options:

These are just a few of the more common headshot options/add-ons available. Each heashot event is custom designed around your needs, so almost anything is possible.


Custom/Exclusive background

  • Custom created based on your location
  • Make it easy to use your own facilities as the background without disrupting business in the area you want to use.
  • Allow for a consistent look on different days, or with multi-station setups


Group / Team photos

Unique and interesting team images can help you tell the story of your organization, as well as help build team identity. In some cases, we can offer the ability to photograph workgroups or teams on the same day as we do their headshots.


Multi-Location Options

Our exclusive techniques allow you to have headshots with the

  • same look and feel – across multiple locations or on different days
  • Allow you to maintain consistency over time


Executive portraits that are more than just headshots

Executive portraits for your senior leaders help establish and reinforce their personal brand within your organization.

Each executive portrait is custom designed to:

  • strengthen your image with prospects, clients, and investors.
  • help you communicate and accomplish specific goals
  • reflect your style, personality and role.
  • be consistent with both your personal and organizational brands

We customize every headshot event based on your needs.

We can design everything specifically to your needs.  Not sure what those needs are?  We can help you understand best practices, and recommend the best approach for your unique situation.

Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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